PAL M.O.A signing ceremony takes place in Bangkok

3 September, 2020

BANGKOK. A signing ceremony was held at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang for Protiotype's Architecture Lab - known for short as PAL.

The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing ceremony was hosted by Asst. Prof. Dr. Antika Sawadsri, Dean of Architecture, and her colleagues, on September 3, 2020.

Representatives from Protiotype, our industry partners, and Singapore Polytechnic Enterprise, were in attendance. Due to coronavirus pandemic travel restrictions some stakeholders participated remotely through a video conferencing application.

Caption: Asst. Prof. Dr. Antika Sawadsri, KMITL Dean of Architecture, and Mr. Dana Blouin, representing Protiotype, sign the Memorandum of Agreement in Bangkok.

Protiotype Design Science is a multi-national cross-disciplinary organisation. It is through this melting pot of experts from a wide range of disciplines that a cross fertilisation of ideas takes place.

Protiotype's purpose is to advocate for technological improvements to the built environment to help achieve economic and environmental sustainability. Our role at PAL is to be the glue between industry and academia.

"Our plan is to see PAL become a testbed and showcase for Architectural Intelligence" said Gregory Cornelius, co-founder of Protiotype. "We want PAL to become a vibrant teaching learning and gathering place for students from all Faculties: a place where the next generation of Thai entrepreneurs gather with industry to discuss ideas and to design and prototype a better built environment" he added.

The objectives of Protiotype's investment in PAL are to:

• Support improved educational outcomes at KMITL by providing thought leadership and advocacy for the benefits of Design and Science research (Research & Design).

• Maintain an inclusive co-operative industry research Lab space on campus as a bridge between industry and academia.

• Advance scientific knowledge of the built environment domain in order to address challenges of climate change and urbanisation, and to contribute towards economic and environmental sustainabilty.

• Build prototypes and test our hypothesis.

In response to the unusual operational constraints created by the global pandemic Protiotype will prioritise a Virtual Lab project to run in parallel with the Lab on campus.

Caption: Guests at the PAL signing ceremony at KMITL campus in Bangkok.

A bridge between industry and academia

The signing ceremony included announcements statements and presentations confirming the first cohort of industry partners at PAL.

LG BUSINESS SOLUTIONS has installed AV equipment for utilisation in teaching and learning activities the Lab.

Caption: A guest at the ceremony signs the 86" Interactive Digital Board which is on extended loan from LG Business Solutions to PAL.

COMMSCOPE RUCKUS will install their Wireless Access Points at PAL. RUCKUS AP does more than deliver great Wi-Fi they consolidate the management of bluetooth zigbee and Wi-Fi signals in one gateway. Protiotype's data scientists will have access to the RUCKUS SPoT API so we can analyse a stream of location based data from the Lab.

Mr. Rohan Rawte, Head of Asia at IESVE, announced the donation of twenty Virtual Environment software licenses (VE) for the students of the new AIDT course at KMITL. Additionally, IESVE will assist Protiotype to build a Building Information Model for analysis of data collected from the campus.

LUMANI A Singaporean startup with roots in Taiwan first showcased their LumaZones lighting and air-conditioning control at Protiotype's Smart Facilities Management Lab at Singapore Polytechnic. Mr. Chris Hung, CEO of LUMANI has generously agreed to extend this relationship by installing a LumaZones service at PAL. LumaZones will extend the ecosystem of smart sustainable buildings technologies on display.

AMPOTECH is a Singapore-based internet of things company specializing in the collection and analysis of electricity usage data from the built environment. Ampotech first worked with Protiotype at their Smart Sustainable Building showcase at Singapore Polytechnic School of Architecture and Built Environment. CEO and co-Founder Mr. William Temple announced that, when the pandemic allows, AMPOTECH will be pleased to extend their relationship with Protiotype by installing an AmpoHub service at PAL to reveal specific insights about the energy use of the Lab space and equipment in the building in real-time.

Mr. Ian Aitken, CTO of CARETEQ, an Australian technology company focussing on developing and commercialising the SOFIHUB range of products and services announced a SOFIHUB demo unit is on its way to PAL. SOFIHUB is an ambient assisted living technology designed to ensure the health, wellbeing and independence of the world’s aging population. The SOFIHUB installation will demonstrate how intelligent adaptive technology enables the aged and at risk members of society to live independently.

OTOMATEK is a Singapore registered multi-national design studio and property development company co-founded by Protiotype stakeholders. Otomatek's new product, which will be partly developed through their activities at PAL, is the System Design of modular sustainable buildings for mass-customisation by advanced factory manufacture. This System Design will help address challenges of economic and environmental sustainability by transforming the built environment into Algorithmic Architecture.

To keep up with the latest news about PAL please follow Protiotype's LinkedIn company page.