Hands-on interaction with frontier applications of emerging technologies is a feature of Protiotype's events.


Singapore | Nov 26, 2019

More than seventy industry professionals gathered at Protiotype's Digital.Future.Build event at the JustCo Verizon Innovation Community near Raffles Place, Singapore on Tuesday night.

Protiotype's founder Greg Cornelius spoke about Protiotype Design Science community's five year focus on design, science and technology, and the built environment.

"It's Protiotype's purpose to bring together designers and engineers to co-operate on an integration of the digital and the physical to create computational architecture, or as we say in plain language: super-computer buildings which respond to contextual input. We see a development of this emergent thread of knowledge tonight in AntiCAD's parametric-design model of a sensor-enabled kinetic ceiling and, Oberflex's seamless integration of audio equipment into wood veneer panels".

He mentioned the historical corelation between technological advancements and design movements since the industrial revolution from Art Nouveau to Parametricism and the "overdue arrival of a distinct new design movement belonging to our time to assist navigation of twenty-first century technologies from generative design / Artificial Intelligence to synthetic biology".

"We should consider the ethics and impact of surveillance technolgies on public spaces and workplaces. Solutions might be found by design", he said. "There is no better place to have this conversation about a new design movement than Singapore".

The event featured an expert panel discussion moderated by Joelle Chen from Beca. Her panelists were Linda Seck from Lumani, Bruce Neville from Beca and C.K. Vishwakarma from IOTSG. The relationship between Protiotype and IOTSG goes back several years and this event marked another of their collaborations. The panelists addressed questions about the challenges of technolgical adoption in the property industry and how they demonstrate ROI.

Interestingly, guests at the event could experience hands-on product demonstrations from five companies -

1. Beca
Beca is an independent digital technology and engineering consultancy, delivering cutting edge applications of eXtended Reality Technologies (Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality) for enhanced immersive experiences for their clients for more than a decade.

With XR, Beca have been able to design spaces with a newfound spatial awareness – their teams can export 3D models, drone footage or point clouds into a digital environment, and take an immersive and interactive tour. This allows their clients and project teams to view, experience and gain insights into the designs. For asset-intensive clients, this technology enables them to change the way we see data associated with models of complex assets, leading to enhanced understanding.

2. Lumani.
Lumani’s start up journey has been interwoven with Protiotype since the 2017 installation of their 'Lumazones' smart algorithmic lighting and HVAC demonstration at Protiotype's Smart FM Lab at Singapore Polytechnic. Today, Lumani sit on the verge of real success having recently completed a successful 18 storey deployment at Keppel Bay Towers.

To learn more about Lumani's solution watch this short video introduction to their product.

3. AntiCAD
AntiCAD deals with parametric design of architectural interiors and acoustics. They presented a prototype scale model of a kinetic ceiling with mechanical parts which articulate in response to observations of movement gathered by an optical sensor (camera).

"Parametric design is just a part of it (the solution) as we move towards kinetic architecture. If I want a particular wall to configure itself to make more space, or if I want the ceiling to open up for better acoustics, we can acheive what the client wants by using electronics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, micro-controllers etc.)" said Elijah Yang, Founder of AntiCAD.

4. Silver Wings
Silver Wings is an end-to-end solutions provider in immersive technologies. Although active in a wide range of industries, they were showcasing some amazing solutions for Real Estate. Using the BIM, they make it look easy to create walk throughs, fly throughs and enter the building in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality for an immersive 1:1 scale experience.

5. Oberflex
French company Oberflex are a world leading manufacturer of real wood veneer with a vision to integrate their product with technology. PureSound, the first product in this new category, integrates Stealth invisible speakers with Oberflex's wooden veneer panels.

Guests enjoy the hospitality while networking at Protiotype's Digital.Future.Build event at JustCo Verizon Innovation Center in Singapore on November 26, 2019.

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