Bangkok | February 18th, 2020

Protiotype's Greg Cornelius welcomes guests to Design Future Build in Bangkok, 2020.

In February 2020 Protiotype pushed ahead with our already scheduled first event in Thailand.

As the cloud of the emerging cornavirus global pandemic descended on Asia, and corporate travel restrictions meant some Singapore-based company representatives were unable to join us, Protiotype's Design.Future.Build was held at JustCo's beautiful new co-working space at Samyan Mitrtown, Bangkok.

Strict entry management and social distancing protocols were enforced on the night. Subsequently the design and technology event was deemed a success with no known virus transmission occuring.

JustCo's beautiful new co-working space at Samyan Mitrtown Bangkok hosted Thailand's first Protiotype Design Science event on February 18th, 2020.

The Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Asst. Prof. Dr. Antika Sawadsri, joined the event as our special guest and speaker.

Dr. Antika announced plans to open Protiotype's Architecture Lab at KMITL. The Lab will be known as PAL - the place where friends meet.

After the announcement Dr. Antika joined a panel of international designers moderated by entrepreneur and content creator Dana Blouin, of SuperVillain Design Studio. The panel included Mark Panckhurst, Director of HEAD Architecture Hong Kong, and Ian James Myles, ex-general manager of frog design and Head of Technology at MET Studio Design who addressed the question How can design and technology improve people's experiences living and working in buildings?

Following the event it became clear that pandemic induced travel restrictions were going to interfere with Protiotype and KMITL's plan for PAL. As a result, Dana Blouin was invited to step in to the breech as Protiotype's Thailand project director.

The PAL Memorandum of Agreement was signed between Protiotype, Singapore Polytechnic Enterprise, and KMITL on 3 September, 2020.

Interactive demonstrations of new products and services are a regular feature enjoyed by guests at Protiotype events. Design.Future.Build was no exception as guests experienced hands-on product demonstrations of exciting solutions from an array of international companies including -

EPSON Moverio smart glasses and LightScene spot projector.

Protiotype has a long-standing working relationship with EPSON. We have enjoyed working with many of EPSON's products including their powerful projectors such as LightScene spot projector. Protiotype first used EPSON's LightScene at Augmented Spaces at Singapore Design Week 2019. Design.Future.Build Bangkok presented another opportunity to explore LightScene's creative potential for corporate events.

to welcome guests Epson's LightScene projected a video animation playing the logos of Protiotype's participating partners. This was visible in the JustCo stairwell as arriving guests made their way up to to mezzanine to mingle and enjoy the hospitality which was provided by Protiotype and Thai Bev.

Lumani Super Low Energy Building provider (SLEB)
Lumani’s start up journey has been interwoven with Protiotype since the 2017 installation of their 'Lumazones' autonomous lighting and HVAC control demonstration at Protiotype's Smart FM Lab at Singapore Polytechnic. Today, Lumani sit on the verge of real success having recently completed a successful 18 storey deployment at Keppel Bay Towers in Singapore.

To learn more about Lumani's solution watch this short video introduction to their product.

HelloHolo Digitalisation demonstration with Trimble's Microsoft Hololens 2.
HelloHolo are the first Mixed Reality startup in Singapore, proud to be your go-to partner for all things Mixed Reality. HelloHolo was launched with the aim of enriching the Asia Pacific region with mixed reality technologies, helping developers and companies build the next generation of applications and experiences.

Guests at Design Future Build were the first in Thailand to experience a demonstration of Microsoft's Hololens 2 mixed-reality headset.

Abuzz Wayfinding sets a new standard for customer experience.
Abuzz wayfinding solutions feature a stunning hardware and software configuration. At Design.Future.Build Abuzz will present a 22” concierge tablet with client demo user interfaces showcasing wayfinding applications for smart cities, mixed use property developments, shopping malls, and airports.

SONY professional solutions.

SONY demonstrated their meeting room presentation system and digital signage.

n9 A start up enterprise focused on digital solutions for offline commerce.

Simon Leckey from n9 holds the n9 "brand buddy".

n9 works with food and beverage brand owners and retailers to deploy IoT infrastructure and smart data solutions with an emphasis on sales generation, and creating consumer / brand owner loyalty and digital intimacy.

The team have a breadth of operational experience with multinational FMCGs and IoT project implementations. They demonstrated their “brand buddy” technology today in a fun way, working with the beverage refreshments at the event. Drinks inventory and product movement were be monitored throughout the evening so data insights will be shared with the brand owners present.

Guests enjoyed the hospitality while networking at Protiotype's Design.Future.Build. The hospitality was sponsored by Thai Bev and Protiotype.

Special thanks to Protiotype's Thai events partners:JustCo, NJ Intermedia and Sphere8.