Protiotype Design Science

Headquartered in Singapore, Protiotype Design Science is an open research lab and de facto think-tank. We test ideas and serve as a proving ground for concepts with potential for industry adoption, scaling and commercialisation.

Protiotype is a multi-disciplinary, multi-national, inclusive organisation. Our stakeholders include companies, institutions, and individuals. Protiotype exists as a virtual team spread across multiple countries. We utilise the latest digital tools for communication and project management. A feature of our organization is our collaborative mindset. Competition between companies is suspended while we work together to develop ideas and interoperability projects.

Our tangible outcomes include workshops, pop ups, meet ups, events, and innovation laboratories. Occasionally we assemble project teams from our network of experts to deliver commercial projects. Because we appreciate adapting to constant change is important, our projects typically iterate in order to stay relevant. Agility is an important under-pinning aspect of our project work. Some our previous projects include -

Smart Sustainable Building | Smart FM lab

In 2017 Protiotype began a research project to develop a Smart Sustainable Building showcase at Singapore Polytechnic School of Architecture and Built Environment. The installation integrated technologies from our industry partners to retro-fit the School of Architecture and Built Environment (ABE) with functioning IoT and smart building features which were utilised at pedagogical resources by the School. Read more about the Protiotype design science community and our Singapore Polytechnic project here:

The Connected Workplace of the (Near) Future.

2018. An 8 meter long Smart Sustainable Building mural was installed in Protiotype's exhibition space at Singapore Polytechnic in January. The infographic describes the components of a smart sustainable building. The mural included detailed descriptions of the contribution of partner companies such as Bosch, SONY, Lumani, Ampotech, and Dunwell. The infographic was designed so it could be updated to include the contributions from other partner companies as they join the project.

Read more about the Protiotype design science community Singapore Polytechnic project here:

Connected Building Platform

Oliver Miele from BOSCH Software Innovations stands in front of the 'Connected Workplace of the (Near) Future' mural. Oliver holds the BOSCH XDK - an IoT prototyping device which collected and broadcast environmental data from Protiotype's Smart Sustainable Building Lab space.

Professional Solutions

Protiotype's Smart Sustainable Building showcase at Singapore Polytechnic was fitted out with AV equipment from SONY. This included Bravia screens and SONY projectors, all of which are utilised by the School of Architecture and Built Emvironment to support their teach and learninhg activities. In the image above, a SONY monitor is controlled by the Visimote computer vision gesture remote control.

Facial Recognition Access Control

2019. One Connect FT installed facial recognition access control system in Protiotype's Smart FM Lab and undertook some testing with staff and student at Singapore Polytechnic to prove the value of the facial recognition system for various educational use cases.

Augmented Reality for Industrial Applications

Eon Reality, who utilised Protiotype's Singapore Poly Smart FM Lab as a test bed for their 'AR Assist' software application, produced a 7.5 metre wide wall graphic to explain their products to Lab visitors. This graphic was installed alongside a Protiotype graphic and logo wall acknowledging our partners.

A demo of an AR Assist beta-version was developed as a teaching resource to show how a Smart Facilities Manager, Technician, or Engineer, would use AR Assist during the monitoring maintenance and repair of a building's facilities, such as the operation of fire sprinklers.

Artificial Intelligence Lighting and HVAC

2018. Singaporean start-up Lumani installed their 'LumaZones' a smart lighting and air conditioning system at Protiotype's Smart Sustainable Building showcase. Their lighting and air-conditioning system has a US patent for its artificial intelligence and reflex logic algorithm. It adjusts light and climate levels in the range 20% - 100% (in addition to On/Off) based on the activity level of the space. With LumaZones, energy is saved without any human intervention or impact on occupants' comfort.


An illustration of the Dunwell Bio-waste management solution was added to the Smart Sustainable Building mural in early 2019.

Power meter and IoT gateway

Ampotech uses the internet of things and edge computing technology to help energy, operations, and facilities managers improve the performance of their buildings.

William Temple, founder of Ampotech, is photographed at Singapore Polytechnic where the Ampotech energy monitoring was installed at Protiotype's Smart Facilities Management Lab to monitor and send the Lab's energy usage data to the cloud.

Projectors and Moverio smart glasses

Protiotype has a multi-year history working with visual products from EPSON Southeast Asia. Our first project together was in 2016 at Singapore Design Week, where we out-putted our Design Discovery application to EPSON's Moverio BT-200 smart glasses. Since then EPSON have supported our Intelligent Interior workshops and our events in Singapore and Bangkok.

In 2017 Protiotype lead a project with our partners Eon Reality, So Sofitel and Miaja Design to develop a demo AR application to help launch EPSON's Moverio BT-300 smart glasses in Southeast Asia.

Intelligent Interiors

We began exploring 'smart spaces' back in 2014 at our original Protiotype exhibition at Sydney Design - the International Design Festival. The Protiotype event held at the Jean Nouvel designed Central Mall in Sydney and became a retail test ground for emergent technologies of the time: including QR, NFC and BLE beacons.

The technologies on display at Protiotype sparked a discussion about their impact on people's experience of interior spaces. Upon our return to Singapore the idea of an 'Intelligent Interiors' research project was mooted as a way to further investigate the topic. As a result, the Protiotype community formed in Singapore in 2015 to investigate the idea and work began.

The community held a series of workshops 2016 and 2017 to properly define the Intelligent Interiors idea; we instigated collaborative maker projects to prototype components; and organise events like Augmented Spaces with our Partner PublicisSapient to promote our concepts and find new community members.

An Intelligent Interior is a 'possible world' where technology is installed in order to explore the implications of technology on people's lives.


Protiotype's events

The Protiotype design science community runs workshops, exhibitions, meet-ups, and we speak at conferences and events. Find out more about our events here:

Protiotype, the exclusive IoT product design exhibition at Sydney Design, 2014

The original 'Protiotype' smart connected product design exhibition was held at the Jean Nouvel-designed Central Park Mall in Sydney as part of Sydney Design 2014. The event which explored the design of smart connected products from the US, UK, India, Singapore and Australia was sponsored by Twitter and attended by more than 3000 people.