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Headquartered in Singapore, Protiotype design science community is an open research lab and de facto think-tank. We test ideas and serve as a proving ground for concepts with potential for industry adoption, scaling and commercialisation.


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Singapore. April, 2019.

“Competition is great for the economy, but competition could prove to be a company’s undoing when they become siloed and insular instead of collaborating and sharing knowledge… which is important in meeting industry disruptions…” says Gregory Cornelius, founder of Protiotype and speaker at IoT Asia 2019. He goes on air with Money FM to share his thoughts on testing ideas and serving as a proving ground for concepts with potential for industry adoption, scaling and commercialisation.



Protiotype's second Augmented Spaces event was held at Publicis Sapient as part of Singapore Design Week in 2019.

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Progress at Protiotype's smart building lab.

Rain Yu from OneConnect Technology tests the Visimote computer vision gesture control to interact with media content on the SONY panels.

November, 2018. A new round of refurbishment at our Singapore Polytechnic Smart FM / Sustainable Building Lab was completed in October 2018. Contractors have dismantled the simulated hotel lobby, removed superfluous decorations and painted the surfaces of the space white such that our Sustainable Building exhibition can grow to fill the entire space.

A User Experience workshop was held at the Lab in November and attended by twenty Protiotype stakeholders. Decisions were made to include new products in the Lab such as facial recognition access control from our partners OneConnect Financial Technology (Singapore); gesture remote control from Visimote and vibration and flow sensors from EverComm Singapore.

Five panels and a projector from SONY have been installed and connected to a central server. Soon, a digital media system from Exterity will be installed to manage media content to the SONY devices.

An illustration of the Dunwell Bio-waste management solution will be added to the Smart Sustainable Building mural before the end of this year.

The connected workplace of the (near) future.

Phase 2 Singapore Poly Showroom Installation Completed

March, 2018. An 8 meter long Smart Sustainable Building mural was installed in Protiotype's exhibition space at Singapore Polytechnic in January. The infographic describes the components of a smart sustainable building. Also included are detailed descriptions of the contribution of partner companies such as Lumani, Ampotech, and Bosch. As time goes by the infographic will be updated to include the contributions from other partner companies.

The partner logo wall has been updated to reflect the latest set of contributing partner companies.

Read more about the Protiotype design science community Singapore Polytechnic project here:


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Experiences over technology. Functioning protiotypes over theory.

Headquartered in Singapore, Protiotype design science community is an open research lab and de facto think-tank. We test ideas and serve as a proving ground for concepts with potential for industry adoption, scaling and commercialisation. Members include software engineers, architects and designers, data scientists, writers and entrepreneurs. We are individuals, companies and institutions.


Protiotype's Smart Building project launches at Singapore Poly.

29 November, 2017. Protiotype's research project to develop a Smart Building showcase is underway at Singapore Polytechnic School of Architecture and Built Environment. The installation showcases industry best practice technologies from our partners. Read more about the Protiotype design science community and our Singapore Polytechnic project here:



The exclusive IoT product design exhibition

The original 'Protiotype' smart connected product design exhibition was held at the Jean Nouvel-designed Central Park Mall in Sydney as part of Sydney Design 2014. The event which explored the design of smart connected products from the US, UK, India, Singapore and Australia was sponsored by Twitter and attended by more than 3000 people.

Phase 1 SP Showroom Installation Completed

October, 2017. Importantly, Protiotype is an agile iterative project. With this approach in mind, the first design sprint for the Smart Building showroom exhibition at Singapore Polytechnic completed in October 2017. The first companies to install their components were Eon Reality and Lumani.

Eon Reality is using this project as a test bed for their 'AR Assist' software application, which is currently under development. Eon designed a 7.5 metre wide wall graphic to explain their product to visitors. This graphic was installed alongside an overview of Protiotype, and logo acknowledgment for our partners. Later, an AR Assist demo will be available on site to show how a Smart Facilities Manager, Technician, or Engineer would use AR Assist during the monitoring maintenance and repair of a building's facilities, such as fire sprinklers.

Local start-up Lumani have provided 'LumaZones' a smart lighting and air conditioning system. This lighting and air-conditioning system has a US patent for its artificial intelligence and reflex logic algorithm. It adjusts light and climate levels in the range 20% - 100% (in addition to On/Off) based on the activity level of the space. With LumaZones, energy is saved without any human intervention or impact on occupants' comfort.

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The form of our cities is rooted in the past but is that best for the future?

It is our view that the built environment can be revitalised through generative design and robotic construction to achieve humanity's commercial, environmental and sustainability goals. In our opinion, the future of the built environment is as Solid State City - an algorithmic architecture.

Read David Ivory's landmark 2016 opinion piece 'Solid State City' here:

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